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T-92 Transmission repair and parts

Many people have emailed me thanking me for posting this information.  They have used this to cheaply fix their Speedex.  If this helps please let me know.

I have received many requests for T-92 Transmission parts.  Since most people have never seen a new transmission apart they do not know what the problem really is with these transmissions.  Almost every problem people have contacted my dad about over the last few decades relates to a warn gear shift lever. 

My dad actually talked to the Greek designer of the transmissions and he said the gear shift lever was the first thing that would wear out in the transmission.  For a transmission that should last 20 years, that is not to bad.  The transmissions were made by Olympic Transmissions and was sold many years ago.  I just found the company, Olympic Gear Products in Ohio.

The directions below will show you or a welder how to fix the transmission for minimal cost.  Many people have done this with great success.




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A good welder can fix the shifter.  I will try to explain the procedure.  The part of the shifter that fits into the forks should be very flat on both sides and have edges that are 90 degrees relative to the two flat sides.  After maybe 20 years the part of the shifter gets warn and the edges are rounded which causes the transmission to get into two gears at the same time.  The two inside shafts never bend to the best of my knowledge.  A good welder can build up the sides of the shifter with a hard welding rod.  Then it can be filed or ground to fit the slot snuggly which should solve your problem. 

Make sure they use a hard welding rod.

In the picture above the measurement is 0.55 inches.

The picture to the side is 0.30 inches.


The shift lever in the photographs is $100, the price they sold for new over 10 years ago.  If you are interested let me know, this is the only one I have for sale.


I do ask one favor from anyone that uses this to fix their transmission.  Please email me or post in my forums.  Knowing that the information is being used makes it worth posting and helps motivate me to continue adding information to the website.  My dad has decades of tips like this I need to find the time to add to the site.  If you have tips like this post them in the forums or provide me the information and I will add a section to the websites.

T-92 transmissions are still being made by Olympic Gear Products.  


The link below takes you to their website with parts diagrams.

Click here Olympic Gear Products