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We have no completely running Strongland Tractors ready to sell.  The tractors are hydraulic drive.  The 25hp models have hydraulic steering. 

What we have are mostly complete.  None of the tractors have the hydraulic pump and we do not have any for sell.

The tractors are sold as is.  The tractors came off of the assembly line from Strongland.  Most were never finished and some had parts taken off to finish other tractors.

If you are familiar with the older Speedex tractors that use the T-92 transmission, the hydraulic pump sits where the transmission would go.  It would not be to difficult to use a T-92 transmission and work up gearing or a belt back to the rear end.  The rear end is almost identical to the older Speedexs that used the T-92 transmission.

We only have a few tractors left.  There is one 18hp that had the steering assembly cut out and that tractor is $100 less than the other 18hp tractors.

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Strongland 25hp


  18 hp

25 hp

Body and almost all of the parts except listed below and above



With hydraulic motor



With motor


Kohler  - $2,050