Speedex and Strongland Tractor Parts

Strongland Parts—Many parts that fit both Speedex and Strongland are listed with the Speedex parts

If you are not able to pick up the parts, when possible they are shipped Priority mail.  Please contact us with a list of what you are interested in and your zip code and we will calculate shipping.

Payment must be in cash when you pick up the parts or paid through paypal.  You do not need a paypal account, you can use a credit card like a regular online purchase.

This is not our complete list of inventory.  I will be adding parts, pictures, and prices as I get time.  Please email us if you need something that is not listed or it does not have a price listed.



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Hydraulic Oil tank for 18hp—$40

Floor board for 18hp  or 25hp left side or right side  - $20 each

5 gallon gas tank - $25

Front axle assembly —$100

Front wheel hubs — $10

We have finished and unfinished hoods, fenders, dashboards, grills, etc.  Let me know if there is a part you need that we do not have listed.



I cannot help you if you need a pump.  I currently need seven pumps.  We have been in contact with OilGear.  The serial numbers on the pumps we have end in A1.  This was the first series and they had lots of problems.  We were told the A2 series are much better and you can find them used, but we have not had any luck with that.  The current version is the A5 and it will bolt right on and last much longer than the original.  We are contacting OilGear distributers to see what kind of a price we can get on them.  Right now the best price I have found is $1,500 each.

Strongland like Speedex used many off the shelf parts.  As I learn more I will add them to this list.


Parking brake parts— Blue Giant # is 277-8121 and the Clark # is 06-277-8121.  Used on fork-lifts.


OILGEAR PUMP - PART #PVWC022A5UVLHAYMSNNNN25F42CP (This is the new version of the pump, OilGear claims they fixed the flaw in the original pumps used by Strongland.)