Speedex and Strongland Tractor Parts


If you are not able to pick up the parts, when possible they are shipped Priority mail.  Please contact us with a list of what you are interested in and your zip code and we will calculate shipping. 

Payment must be in cash when you pick up the parts or paid through paypal.  You do not need a paypal account, you can use a credit card like a regular online purchase.  Many of the gears are heavy, when possible I can combine them in Flat Rate boxes to save you on shipping.

This is not our complete list of inventory.  I will be adding parts, pictures, and prices as I get time.  Please email us if you need something that is not listed or it does not have a price listed.



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Kelch Steering wheel, 11/16” diameter hole, with space for a pin through the side- $15

Warner electric clutch— 5215-88—$130

Steering gear—$8

11 tooth gear that drives the rear drive gear—$82.50

Spider gears for rear drive gear— $10 or $15 a pair

Rear drive gear—$70

Steering gear set - $30.  The big gear is from Speedex casting and will need drilled before it will work.  Steering gear set with a drilled gear is - $50

Replacement pedal covers—$3

Mower shear blocks without the aluminum pins—$12 each

Rear axle gears —$20 each

Sprocket 7” - 42 teeth—$5

Chain guard—$50

Pulley—7/8” shaft and 5” outside diameter 5/8” at outside of taper for belt—$5

Pulley —7/8” shaft and 4.5” outside diameter—$5 (Most are not red)

Double Pulley—7/8” shaft and 4.25” outside diameter, 1/2” at outside of taper for belt—$15

Pulley— 7/8” shaft and 6” outside diameter, 5/8” at outside of taper for belt—$10