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From time to time, we are asked a question that brings up a tip that should be added to the website.  If you have any tips please email us.


· The drive couplers were actually off the shelf automotive steering couplers.  I know one person that took theirs to an auto parts store and they were given the exact part.  That was years ago and cars do not use those any more.  I was told they could be made out of  a heavy duty radial tire.

Steering gear shot

· You only use half of the steering gear.  If your gears are warn, you can remove the pin, rotate the gear 90 degrees, insert the pin, and you are as good as new. You can also purchase a new gear from us.

T-92 transmission

·  Fix for sticking in gear, see T-92 link on the left.


·  For rear housing on the tractors with the T-92 transmissions.  Speedex did not use a gasket, one of the liquid gasket makers works great.

Mower Deck Fixes

· The spines are shot on the shafts to the mower deck gear boxes.  We have seen people drill the couple and the shaft and insert a pin to keep everything together.  If you have a hardened coupler, this will be very difficult.

· The deck leaves an uncut strip down the middle.  Since the longer blades are no longer available, some people have filed the mounting holes on the mower decks to allow them to move the gear boxes closer together.  The shafts have some play and the felt spacers can be removed to allow for a very small move of the gear boxes.

· The e-rings coming off of the drive shafts is a common cause of the blades hitting each other.  This damages the blades and possibly the gears.  Wrap the e-ring with electrical tape. Make sure you wrap the tape in the opposite direction that the shaft spins, or the tape will come off very quickly.

Paint Colors

· Speedex sold spray paint with the Speedex logo.  Speedex did not use a unique shade of red.  Many people use International Red which is just slightly darker.

· When it comes to the motor colors, Speedex used whatever color they received the motor manufacturers.  Older tractors usually came with black motors and the newer motors Briggs changed to red



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