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We have the 18 and 22 mower blades for $18 each. We are out of the 18.25 and 22.25 mower blades that work much better. The extra 0.25 gives better overlap and allows you to sharpen the blades more times before they leave a strip down the middle. One option we have seen people do is to file the mountings for the gear boxes on the deck. The drive shafts have felt spacers. They removed the spacers and squeezed the gear boxes an 0.125 to 0.25 closer together.

We have the mower deck shear blocks. They are $15 and are under the Parts section of the website.

One person shared that the seal for the input shaft on the mower deck gear box is 7/8 ID and 1 3/8 OD. He found the part # SKF 8648. I Googled it and many places sale that seal.

Many people have asked about the gear box parts. We have sold the parts that we have in stock. The parts were made by Peerless, but Peerless sold that part of their business to Tecumseh early in 2009, and now they are owned by Husqvarna.

The parts are very expensive if you take the part numbers below to your local Husqvarna dealer they can order them. I will be adding more part cross referencing as I get time.




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